Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making Difficult Choices... Florida or Merced

Pre Script: Keep reading it will get to the point about my current situation....

During the tumultuous weeks ending March 2009, with everything going down at wells.... I applied to grad school at the University of Utah MBA/MHA program to begin that same year. I worked hard on the application as it was being submitted at the last minute, and amazingly I received an acceptance invitation to attend the program. However, during the weeks waiting for a response I began volunteering at a local hospital in the emergency room. I met with and talked to everyone in the healthcare field inquiring about the prospect and opportunities as a health care administrator. I began to feel very uneasy about the profession and I became fascinated and intrigued with the profession of the physician assistant. So when the acceptance letter came, wow I had to make a decision that would affect the course of my life forever. I called the office and also sent an email explaining that I would not be attending the MBA/MHA program due to changes in my life and the inability to continue that direction. To make things worse a few day latter I received an email offering me a full scholarship to attend, along with an application to receive room and living expense aid through an endowment fund. Tuition was very high for the program and this scholarship changed things. It was hard to say no, but I did.

Difficult Decisions: How often do the life changing decisions come around? What do you do?

Flash forward a few years to the present day. In September I was accepted to a great PA program in Jacksonville Florida. It is in a great location and a good place for our family to have new experiences. I immediately put a deposit down for the school to reserve my spot. The tuition is reasonable and the program is solid. It was easy saying no to other offers that began coming after September; However last week I was accepted to the only school that I would otherwise consider, UC Davis. The program is at the medical school in Sacramento and I would only have to drive up a few times each month as it is community based and worked mainly via the internet for lectures and assignments the first year. We wouldn't have to move out of the city where we have family and friends etc. So do I move the family to Florida or stay in Merced?? It will be hard to not look back down the road of life and wonder what would have happened if I chose the other.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andrew has glasses

Our son Andrew has had his share of medical issues lately. The latest is that he is farsighted. We noticed a few months ago that every once in awhile he would look almost cross eyed when looking at near objects. We took him to see the doctor and he was diagnosed as being farsighted. We received the glasses today and he immediately said that he could see better, and that things aren't as blurry. The challenge now will be to see if he can avoid breaking or losing the glasses. He says he looks like a scientist... What do you think?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow.. Its been awhile

I have abandoned the blog but now have returned. After a short stint in Fresno working for Wells Fargo I lost my job and we moved back to Merced. For the past couple of years I have been doing everything I can to change careers and become a physician assistant. Please check out the following blog that is documenting my career change:

In the next few months we will be moving to Florida as we embark on the new adventure in our life. The pa program is 27 months and upon completion I will evaluate my options and decide where I want to practice as a pa. Looking back on the past two years I feel extremely blessed. I have been confused as I felt divine direction in our life as we moved to Clovis to start my new position, but after being let go after a short time working there my faith was tested. Why did I feel good about moving there? What do I do now? As I think about everything that happened I am grateful for everything that happened. I have been blessed to leave a job profession and enter a new profession that will better align myself with the goals and aspirations I want for my family and I. At times I was filled with anger, hatred, embarrassment, depression, confusion, etc. I guess what I've learned is that life is not what I expected and the unexpected is sure to happen. The important thing to do is to have faith and stay committed to the things that are most important. Live obediently and ask for direction from God.

The most important thing that has happened in our family since the last post is the birth of our new son Matthew Treyson. He is now 5 months old and growing everyday. We now have three boys and they are awesome.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moved to Fresno

We have moved from Merced to Fresno, well Clovis actually. I accepted a job at Wells Fargo, working in their Wealth Management Group - Private Banking Division. We have only been here a week but we like the location, our house, and the people we have met. My cousin Sara-Lynn also lives in Clovis and my best friend lives in Fresno so that made the move nice.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Boys 06/2008

Yosemite 2008

We went to Yosemite for the weekend with Brooke's family and had a great time. For me the highlight was when we hiked up to Sentinel Dome to enjoy the most amazing view in the world. The view is a 360 panoramic of Yosemite; You are at 8000 feet and you can see Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Nevada Falls, El Capitan, the valley, and the Sierra Nevadas. Andrew had the most fun riding the bus around the park. It was his first time on a bus and he loved it. Cayden, well he didn't know what was going on. Brooke liked making the jiffy-pop over the fire. We only live an hour from Yosemite so we might go at least one more time this year.